"Investire in robotica e AI" - Intervista al Sole 24Ore

Aggiornamento: 29 giu 2020

InvestiRobot's founder Andrea Forni has been interviewed by Sole 24Ore's tech journalist Francesca Cerati about the impact of robotics in future life, work and economy.

Sole 24Ore is the leading Italian financial newspaper which seems to be more and more interested in topics related to exponential technologies, given the fact that robotics and AI equities are now on the radar screen of the general public (and the individual investors).

During the long interview lasted two hours Andrea spanned from social robotics to industrial robotics giving a number of real-life examples of robotics applications. The focus was then brought to healthcare and assistive applications which interested the journalist quite a lot.

Andrea handled a copy of his book as a gift for the journalist receiving an unexpected compliment for the quality of his writing and the completeness of the information reported.

You can read the full article by clicking the image here below. It will open a new window with the full text.

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