Explore Talk conference on Robotics hosts Andrea Forni as keynote speaker - Video Periscope, pics an

Robot Explore Talks

Sold out at the Explore Talk conference on robotics organised by the consulting firm Coppa+Landini on Wednesday 1st of March. More than 100 attendees at the main Theatre of the Milano-based digital innovation hub Copernico to listen to four exeptional speakers. Among them Andrea Forni who had the pleasure to open the conference with its speech about Opportunities and Risks of New Generation Robotics. Following his speech focussed on "physical" robotics the other speakers brought the attention of the audience to more Artificial Intelligence related "bots" focussing on the new wave of chatbots. Among these speakers the representative of one of the leading italian banks who demonstrated their own chatbot that helps customers to open new accounts, look at their balance and navigate the online banking system.

Here some of the pictures taken by the audience and posted on Twitter.

And here below you can watch the Periscope video of the event (in Italian)! (link: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1zqKVbzDzbmKB)

Link al video Periscope

To download the proceeding of all the speeches please proceed to the Copp+Landini website by clicking this link: http://exploretalks.com/xt19-ro-bots/.

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