"Investire nei droni" - video della conferenza al Commercial UAV Show 2016 London

Aggiornato il: 29 giu 2020

Two exciting days in London's Commercial UAV Show helped me to better understand what's going on the drone industry and meet a lot of professionals from Europe. Dozen of exhibitors, dozen of speakers and hundred of visitors gave me the feeling that the commercial drone industry is alive, is growing faster and faster, and as a disruptive technology is becoming a huge investment opportunity for the smart investors.


My feeling after two days packed of speeches, round-tables and demos of flying drones is that despite technology is ready to safely enable the flight of full autonomous machines the regulatory issues are still blocking this industry. I really appreciated to listen to and meet a number of delegates from some European aviation authorities (well, the Italian one was missing) and the delegate from the European Commission. They clearly explained how hard they are working to solve all regulatory issues by year 2020, when we'll see an integration of commercial drones into the civil aviation and the clearance for full autonomous flights in Europe.

and this is the EC programme for year 2020!

Three more years to go... my question: is the general public ready for this massive change?


I had the pleasure to start the afternoon session at Day 2. My 20-minute speech explored the way investors are approaching the Drone Industry. Let me say that the Professional Investors have been pouring a lot of money in Drone Companies and startups, while the Individual Investors (the General Public) is still not aware of this great investment opportunity. During my talk I discussed pros and cons of investing in drone companies, the risks related to this investment in a technology sector still young, and the blocking factors that can put an investment in drone companies at risk, first of all the regulatory issues.

You can watch my 20-minute talk on Youtube at this link: https://youtu.be/F6sKcFBzVHU or just click the video here below.

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