The Commercial UAV Show 2016 London hosts Andrea Forni

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Andrea Forni has been invited to give his speech at the most important British conference on Drones and UAVs, The Commercial UAV Show 2016, that will be held in London on October 19-20, 2016.

Andrea's speech "The UAV ecosystem and the stock market: savvy investment opportunity or fad?" is scheduled on Day Two at 1:40pm, Stream 1- UAVs.

The speech will last 20 minutes covering the follow topics:

  • Investigating the key factors that enable robotics to become such an investment opportunity

  • Explaining how to profit from the raise of robotics with a focus on the UAV ecosystem

  • Looking forward: can robotics inflate a new financial bubble in the oncoming years

Join Andrea Forni in London and spend your time visiting one of the most exciting drone expo of the world!

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