FRN Trading Strategies choosen by Global Robot Expo 2017 for its matchmaking services

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We are delighted to inform that FRN Trading Strategies will provide its matchmaking services to the organisational committee of Global Robot Expo 2017, the most important robotics fair of Spain held in Madrid, Spain on 2-4 February 2017. FRN Trading Strategies will identify Italian robotics companies willing to exhibit their products and services or sponsor the event during the 3-day Robotics Fair.


After just one edition in 2016, Global Robot Expo has already become as one of the most important trade fairs in Europe in its sector, involving technologies related with education, industry, professional service robotics, drones & aerospace, healthcare, consumer…

The first edition, celebrated in January 2016, exceeded all expectations. Global Robot Expo has reached an audience of more than 116 million people worldwide, and a ROI close to 33 million euros. In terms of visitors, more than 10.600 people, the great majority of them professionals, which has covered all the business expectations of the 70 exhibitors.

In Global Robot Expo ’17 new and spectacular themed areas by sector will be developed, making product presentation even more attractive, with recreations of real spaces with robots acting in their natural environment (home, hospital, classroom, industrial warehouse, 2,000 m2 indoor flying area …), building a spectacular trade show never seen in Europe, focused on B2B.

Watch this video on YouTube or go to link: http://youtu.be/dJWxQpdjgp4.

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We have developed an extensive network of qualified contacts in the robotics market worldwide. Our Matchmaking Services are designed to find the proper sales deal for a specific business and are ruled by a Finder's Agreement signed with our client. The Finder's Agreement has no cost for the client until the sales deal is closed. Our matchmaking services are the best choice for:

  • the organizer of a conference looking for the best speakers, the most interesting exhibitors or a sponsor;

  • the entrepreneur looking for business partners in the robotics sector;

  • a start-up in need for qualified contacts in both robotics and financial markets;

  • an investor looking for potential investment opportunities,we can help you! Just drop an email message with your request.

Our matchmaking services are boosted by our proprietary InvestiRobot Database containing more than 1800 qualified records of robotics companies, startups, public and private research centers and professionals worldwide.

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