FRN Trading Strategies helps RoBound startup in its first steps

FRN Trading Strategies has been asked by the founders of the startup RoBound to help them their first steps into the world of robotics.

Exceptionally, given the interesting project presented and the limited funds available to the founders, Andrea Forni has decided to offer three hours of free-of-charge personal consultation in order to validate the founder's business ideas.

RoBound has been set up by two young Italians leaving in USA and Australia and it's going to disrupt how sellers and users of robots meet and do business. The two founders say: "We aim to match Robot Industry players' needs and at the same time give to people for the first time, the opportunity to invest in Robots themselves."

The innovative business model is explained in the following chart.

In other words, RoBound is both:

  • a Marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet,

  • and a Funding Room where investors can help Buyers to raise funding to buy the Robots for their company.

RoBound has created a couple of financial products (Ro-Bonds and Ro-Shares), and a second market where to exchange these financial products, and a full set of risk / yield analysis for each robotics company joining the marketplace.

In order to To help investors take the proper investment decision in terms of risk-yield profile, the RoBound has put in place a Service that RoBound team gives to Buyers that want to raise capital - Debt or Equity - to facilitate the investors' chose of the best product in term of Risk-Yield. The Commitee will gather financial informations from the Buyers and will give rating to his Ro-Bonds and suggestions for Ro-Shares.

This innovative business idea was developed by the two young founders both with a solid background in Corporate Finance and Corporate Strategy.

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