Welcome to FRN Trading Strategies Blog!

Dear reader, thank you for visiting our new blog. This blog will be written in both English and Italian language. In order to select all the posts in your language please use the tag "English Language" or the tag "Italian Language".

This blog covers what we do at FRN Trading Strategies and spans from Finance to Robotics subjects. We'll write about the conferences we attend as delegate or invited speaker around the world. We'll post news on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, and the technology topics we cover for investment purposes and insatiable curiosity. We'll do some good technical analysis of stock charts and we'll write some fundamental analysis of public companies under our radar screen. We'll follow all the M&A (many) and IPOs (few until now) of robotics companies. We'll publish all our interviews with entrepreneurs, experts, professors and researchers in the robotics fields. And we'll publish all the proceedings and videos taken during our monthly Meetup on Robotics.

I hope you'll enjoy reading our blog and I wish it to become an inspirational source for you. I also invite you to be pro-active and share your ideas, opinions and projects with me and the other readers: please write your comments under each blog post, send me an email with your thoughts or just use the social network to spread the content of this blog you like more.

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