andrea forni

author of books

expert on investment scenarios

My books and my talks convey knowledge to the audience and open new horizons

My investment scenarios in technological, environmental and demographical megatrends help long term investors to set their strategies

My methodologies help traders operate "like robots" following the signals, not the emotions

let me

help you

my books

With my books I trasfer my knowledge in a simple and clear way

"The Wheel of Financial Markets", 2018, explains my methodologies for financial market analysis with dozens of examples

"Robots. The New Era", 2016, explains the investment opportunities in robotics / AI

"Object Oriented: Methods, Tools and Applications", 1992, illustrates the Object Oriented programming paradigm


my profile

I am a chartered professional investment advisor and analyst.

I wrote three book on Finance, Robotics, AI.


I have the ability to analyze, create and explain complex technological, environmental, and demographic investment scenarios.

I'm an economist wih a professional past at the Academic world,  the consulting sector and  financial markets.



Via Copernico 38, 20125 Milano

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